24 October 2017

People Decide... and so do Countries!

Periodically, 193 different countries gather together to make important policy decisions on a wide variety of global topics, including humanitarian crises, peace and security. Deliberations take place in the context of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and, after consensuses have been reached, resolutions are passed.

Since the first General Assembly gathered in 1946, almost 18,000 resolutions have been drafted and passed. That represents a high volume of documents to analyse for anyone who wants to understand how countries decided in the past (and how they might possibly decide in the future).

I have recently collaborated in a contest jointly organised by the OICT Department of the United Nations and the U.S. State Department. This initiative was conceived to facilitate access to this important amount of information, not only for the diplomatic community but also for citizens in the general public.

In particular, my project has been awarded as finalist with the second prize of the jury and I have the intention to keep on applying efforts for further developing this tool. I am sharing this post because I would like to consider the comments and ideas from a broader group of people when it comes to thinking about new features, enhancements and corrections for the application.

Would you like to have a look? The tool is available at www.unvis.org.

Please do not forget to share your feedback!

More information on UNGAViz challenge.

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