26 December 2015

Codeforces Submissions: Dataset for Source Code Analysis

Codeforces Submissions Dataset

I wanted to do some analysis on source code, and I needed a dataset where code snippets are labeled with the programming language they are in. I scraped this data from codeforces.com, which is a website for holding programming contests. In this post, I share this data.

tl;dr Scroll down to get the links.

Business Intelligence in the Non-Profit Sector

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, a sufficient amount of correct, relevant, concise and up-to-date information is a key input in any decision-making process. This not only applies to profit-driven organisations but it is also relevant for the non-profit sector.

For instance, in a non-profit organisation, having access to membership information of good quality and in an efficient way is of utmost importance at the moment of defining membership strategies. Furthermore, good information is also crucial when it comes to translating strategies into tactics and, subsequently, turning the latter into action on the operational landscape.

17 December 2015

Test-Driven Machine Learning

Test-Driven Machine Learning

The book “Test-Driven Machine Learning” by Justin Bozonier, published by Packt Publishing, is in print now. I was a technical reviewer of this book, and in this post you will learn some details about it. The book is available on the publisher’s website as well as on Safari Books Library.