19 October 2015

Data Science Interview Questions

Data Science Interview Questions

Source: Data Science: An Introduction

Our IT4BI Master studies finished, and the next logical step after graduation is finding a job. I was interested in Data Science jobs and this post is a summary of my interview experience and preparation.

The term “Data Science” is not yet well establish, so interviews for Data Science jobs might include a very broad range of questions, depending on the interpretation of the term by a particular company. In this post I attempt to organize Data Science interview questions in some usable form, but it might also be biased by how I see Data Science myself. I hope you also can find it useful.

18 October 2015

Java Interview Questions

Java Interview Questions

In the past, I was a Software Developer, and my primary programming language was Java. I also quite often interviewed people and also sometimes was an interviewee. In this post, I would like to share typical questions that you might expect at a job interview for a Java Developer position.

15 October 2015

Mastering Data Analysis with R

The book "Mastering Data Analysis with R" by Gergely Daróczi, published by Packt Publishing, is in print now, and I had a pleasure to be a technical reviewer of this book.

If you're a Data Scientist who's looking to master R, this book is a good choice. It's already available on the publisher's website and on Safari books online.