15 February 2015

Spring Batch Essentials

The book "Spring Batch Essentials" by Packt Publishing is in print now, and I had a pleasure to be a technical reviewer of this book.

Spring Batch is a tool for creating ETL ("Read/Process/Write") jobs: for batch processing large portions of enterprise data that requires sophisticated transformations and involves complex business logic. It gives you a possibility to manage jobs easily, supports transactions and allows job execution to be scaled to process large volumes of data.

4 February 2015

Best Time to Learn Linear Algebra is Now!

Linear Algebra is a crucial prerequisite for many things, including Statistics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Image Processing and many many others, so it's very important to know the basics of Linear Algebra to understand more advanced concepts. For example, it's really helpful for our IT4BI studies, especially for the specialization at TU Berlin.

And the best time to learn Linear Algebra or refresh your knowledge about it is right now! At this moment there are a couple of nice MOOCs that have just started and a few more are about to start in the nearest future.

Even if you don't join right now, they should be available in the future for learning as self-paced versions. Additionally I would like to include my favorite video courses on Linear Algebra, they are also for learning at your own speed with no deadlines.