15 October 2015

Mastering Data Analysis with R

The book "Mastering Data Analysis with R" by Gergely Daróczi, published by Packt Publishing, is in print now, and I had a pleasure to be a technical reviewer of this book.

If you're a Data Scientist who's looking to master R, this book is a good choice. It's already available on the publisher's website and on Safari books online.

Table of Content

  1. Hello, Data!
  2. Getting Data from the Web
  3. Filtering and Summarizing Data
  4. Restructuring Data
  5. Building Models
  6. Beyond the Linear Trend Line
  7. Unstructured Data
  8. Polishing Data
  9. From Big to Small Data
  10. Classification and Clustering
  11. Social Network Analysis of the R Ecosystem
  12. Analyzing Time-series
  13. Data Around Us
  14. Analyzing the R Community

What You Will Learn

  • Connect to and load data from R's range of powerful databases
  • Successfully fetch and parse structured and unstructured data
  • Transform and restructure your data with efficient R packages
  • Define and build complex statistical models with glm
  • Develop and train machine learning algorithms
  • Visualize social networks and graph data
  • Deploy supervised and unsupervised classification algorithms
  • Discover how to visualize spatial data with R


  1. The book suggests prior knowledge of R, right?

    1. Yes, that's right, but I'd say on a quite basic level. For example, completing some online course with R should be enough.