15 February 2015

Spring Batch Essentials

The book "Spring Batch Essentials" by Packt Publishing is in print now, and I had a pleasure to be a technical reviewer of this book.

Spring Batch is a tool for creating ETL ("Read/Process/Write") jobs: for batch processing large portions of enterprise data that requires sophisticated transformations and involves complex business logic. It gives you a possibility to manage jobs easily, supports transactions and allows job execution to be scaled to process large volumes of data.

So if your applications are already running on Java and/or Spring and if you're looking for a way to integrate and batch process the data, Spring Batch is an excellent choice. You can read more on the Spring Batch's introduction page and, of course, in the book. The book is already available on the publisher's website and also in Safari books library.

Table of Content

  1. Spring Batch Fundamentals
  2. Getting Started with Spring Batch Jobs
  3. Working with Data
  4. Handling Job Transactions
  5. Step Execution
  6. Integrating Spring Batch
  7. Inspecting Spring Batch Jobs
  8. Scaling with Spring Batch
  9. Testing the Spring Batch 

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the infrastructure to design, develop, and execute a batch application
  • Configure batch jobs using XML, Expression Language and annotations, and execute from diverse platforms
  • Develop batch jobs with the essential read, process, and write features different forms of data
  • Get to grips with techniques you can use to manage transactions, control job flows, and utilize data sharing
  • Integrate Spring Batch with other technologies to develop robust batch applications on an enterprise platform
  • Monitor and report the batch job execution updates by accessing live job execution information
  • Optimize scale and performance improvement with parallel processing techniques
  • Perform unit integration and functional testing on Spring Batch applications

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